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Taroemon Nakazato

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Taroemon Nakazato

Japanese, (1895–1985)
Nakazato Muan was the second son of Nakazato Ten'yu and the eleventh generation head of the Nakazato line of Karatsu potters.mThe Tashiro kiln in Okawa-Machi, which produces Karatsu wares, was established in 1596. In 1734 the kiln was moved to Tojn-Machi and named Ochawangama. In 1927, Muan became Nakazato Taroemon, twelfth generation head of Ochawangama, producing Nakazato Karatsu pottery. He worked to revive traditional Karatsu ware and in 1955 his craft was named Intangible Cultural Property and he became a member of the Japan Craft Society. Karatsu wares have been praised as 'the finest examples of Japanese ceramic tradition' by Soshitsu Sen, a fifteenth generation Grand Tea-Master.nIn 1967 Muan took Buddhist vows at Daitoku-ji and adopted the name Too Sohaku. His eldest son thus succeeded to the Taromeon name. Muan was designated holder of an Important Intangible Cultural Property (popularly, 'Living National Treasure') in 1976, for his skill in Karatsu ware.

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